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Program Notes

Chorus and Piano

"Hymn to All Nations"

(text by the Composer.) SATB divisi with piano. A rousing Allegro beginning in four parts gives way to a slower mid section with alternating SSAs and TTBs. A transition back to the first section creates a broad ABA design with a "Halleluiah" coda. [9 minutes]


(text by Thomas Aldrich) SATB a cappella. [3 1/2 minutes]

"Hosanna to the Son David"

(Adapted from St. Matthew 21:8-9 and St. Mark 11: 8-10) Moderato maestoso. SATB with piano. [3 1/2 minutes]

"There was an Old Man"

(text by Edward Lear) SATB with piano. A light hearted setting of these limericks by Lear. [3 minutes]

"Under the Greenwood Tree"

(text by William Shakespeare, from As You Like It) SATB a cappella, slowly. [3 minutes]

"Love Song"

(text by Langston Hughes) SATB with piano. Moderato. [4 minutes]

"Psalm 23"

(text from the Bible) SATB with Bass Baritone incidental solo. Larghetto. [4 minutes]

"Psalm 121"

(text from the Bible). SATB a capella. Maestoso. [6 minutes]

"I Want to Die Easy"

(Special setting of traditional spiritual) SATB with incidental soprano or tenor solo. slowly. [3 minutes]

"Rememb'ring, Rejoicing"

(text by Joette McDonald.) SATB Moderately. [4 minutes]

"Christmas Lullaby"

 "Christmas Lullaby" also version for children's chorus and orchestra.

(text by the Composer) SATB with piano. moderately. [3 1/2 minutes]


Requiem" a/k/a "The Righteous Man, Cantata in Memory of Maritn Luther King, Jr.

(text from Bible and Daniel Mayers.) In four movements. SATB with piano. N.B.

The original version of this work is with chamber orchestra. [25 minutes]

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