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Scores and Recordings

Twelve Etudes (Piano Etudes Part I)
Piano Etudes Part II
Piano Etudes Part II
Critically Acclaimed CD Recordings of H. Leslie Adams, American Composer.
Purchase Scores by H. Leslie Adams
Selected vocal, chamber, orchestral and theater scores. Including: Nightsongs in piano-vocal (specify high, medium or low keys) and vocal-orchestral versions;  Piano Etudes, Volumes I and II;  Ecstasy of Love ("L'Exstasy d'Amour") for Viola and Piano;  Romance in D Flat for English horn and Piano; and Poem of Love for Bassoon and Piano, among many others.
BLAKE: a music drama.
Selected vocal scores, piano-vocal score and orchestral-vocal (full score) the last by contractual agreement from Creative Arts, Inc.  For a full score of this music drama, contact Black Tea Music at
American Composers Alliance
P.O. Box 1108
New York, NY 10040
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